About SHE Lingerie

SHE Lingerie have several locations and have been honoured with numerous awards including a prestigious title, presented to one of the owners, by the city's Mayor, as one of Calgary's Top 40 under 40. SHE Lingerie have officially launched their own branded products, SHE Everyday, which includes basic T-shirt bras and panties, with more products in the design books expected to launch in 2015. In their experience from working closely along side international brands, the owners have taken their knowledge of fit, fabric and technology into their own hands and will continue to expand the SHE Lingerie brand.

At SHE Lingerie we Specialize in Lingerie & Swimwear, our staff are trained through an extensive Brasmith certification program in which 50 hours of training and testing are required to guarantee superior knowledge and customer service. Our team of Professional Brasmiths are personal stylists and bra translators, available to guide you through the perfect fit between fabrics, styles, unique breast tissue, with exclusive brands such as Aubade, Simone Perele and many more. We offer FREE professional bra fittings providing a full size range of bras and cup-sized swimwear from A-N cups and 28"-48" back sizes. All of our bras are guaranteed to have less than 30% in elasthane content; which provides a minimum of 2 years of wear per bra -- the best investment that ensures quality that will last. Get the famous SHE experience at any of our 2 store locations in Calgary: Bankers Hall, Westhills Towne Centre, and our newest location at Canada Place in Regina, SK.

Amidst a successful corporate career, the original founder of SHE Lingerie took a trip to Europe and for the first time in her adult life, was fitted into her proper bra size. Prior to the professional bra fitting, she was wearing a 36C, an extremely common North American size. When she was properly fitted as a 30E she was shocked to discover that the bra she wore for years was 6 inches too big for her. She then realized that her improperly fitting bra was causing stress on her shoulders and giving her tremendous back & neck pain - not to mention poor posture. Sadly, once back home, there were no stores able to duplicate her experience in Europe. Occasionally, she found the right fit at a specialty store but their styles were not in line with her fashion-forward tastes. She decided to leave her corporate position - and SHE Lingerie Inc was born. Now serving customers at 2 locations, SHE Lingerie Inc continues to prove that a proper fit is paramount.

The SHE Gal

Make the Most of your Cover Ups! July 27, 2015 12:30

Don't feel restricted to wear your cover ups ONLY at the beach or by the pool. Did you know you can style them to wear as outerwear? All of our cover ups can be worn as dresses, tunics, ponchos, and much more! Come in and we can show you how...

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Frequently Asked Questions July 20, 2015 09:15

Never been to our stores and wonder what we're all about? Here, we answer some of our most frequently asked questions: Q: How long do your fittings take?A: Our Fittings can take about 5 minutes. Once we get you into your proper size, we will show you all of your...

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Instant Stampede Style Updates -- with Swimwear! July 06, 2015 06:00

It's that time of year again -- whip out those cowboy hats and boots! How about we add a little twist of SHE Lingerie to kick it up a notch, western style! Get creative and layer up your existing wardrobe which may include denim shorts or skirts with our fun Swimwear pieces....

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Quick Lingerie Styling Tips June 29, 2015 06:00

Red is Right Wear red instead of nude as a neutral bra. I know, it seems impossible, but did you know our red & pink undertones in our skin work with red & pink bras? The finished look is flawless and practically invisible under white shirts. Seeing is believing, come...

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Three "Perks" of the Perfect Fit June 22, 2015 06:00

Three "Perks" of the Perfect Fit 1. Better Posture An improper fit occurs from the weight of our breast tissue falling on one's shoulders, leaving you with poor posture and slouching. Once the proper fit is achieved, one can notice better posture almost instantly. Weight is literally lifted off the shoulders and...

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4 Common Bra Faux Pas June 15, 2015 16:46 1 Comment

Are you constantly adjusting your bra? Do you wonder why your favourite dress doesn't look quite right? Chances are, you are wearing the wrong size! In this video, our Fashion Coordinator Chai goes through the 4 most common Bra Faux pas. If these sound familiar, you should come see one...

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